Who is les Disques Passeport ?

Les Disques Passeport Inc., founded in 1990, is a company that carries out bold projects with both emerging and established artists. Given President and Founder Marc Racine’s 40 years of experience in the music industry, Les Disques Passeport quickly stood out from its competitors. The company is now firmly established within the independent record market.

We have our hand in multiple levels of the music industry. We simultaneously serve as publisher, producer and record label, while offering digital marketing services. Since 1990, we have worked with about fifty artists. Les Disques Passeport have produced over 120 albums and EPs, including about half in digital marketing and distribution and 9 DVDs. The company continues to stand out by producing original projects in a variety of musical genres and showcasing Québécois emerging artists.

In 2014, after a number of years focusing on managing, the production of analogue media, and other typical label activities, Les Disques Passeport Inc. became one of the first Quebec record labels to claim full independence in the new digital market. We signed direct agreements with iTunes and Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Google, Youtube, 7digital, Tidal, VerveLife, QoBuz, and others; this hybrid approach to marketing and distribution closes the gap between artists and their audience. This independence offers a position which is decisive in the current context of streaming and the declining analogue market. It’s really about digital marketing, and goes far beyond simple distribution. Many of our artists make a living from their digital royalties, thanks to the strong relationships we maintain with digital platforms, and the care that goes into curating the playlists that characterize them.

Les Disques Passeport’s core strength is capitalizing on new talent and understanding the challenges to come in our field. With of our many years of experience, we have remained a company on a human scale, focusing on quality over quantity and investing the effort and time necessary when working with artists.

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