François Lachance

François Lachance

François learned to play on his mother’s guitar, an instrument she bought but never played herself. As a teenager, François starts getting stage experience participating to local contests and soon begins writing his own songs.

He then joins Star Academie reality TV show in 2012. Throughout this adventure, he will be noticed as a serious, sensitive and authentic artist.

Very active in social networks, he communicates daily with over 59,000 Facebook fans and 17,000 Instagram followers. His original songs and popular song covers posted on YouTube have achieved over 8,000,000 views to date and allowed him to be ranked in the top 30 most viewed artists in Canada.

In November 2013, he releases his first album, « J’suis là », and hit the charts with titles like « À deux », « La vie est belle », « J’ai cherché (Love me True) », et « Sur le seuil ». Later this month, SOCAN offers him « Pop song of the year » award for title track « J’suis là ».

In the winter of 2014, he was spotted on social networks by « The Voice – France » team and then finds himself in Jenifer’s team with whom he will get to the battle rounds.

In spring 2016, wishing to produce his next album, François starts a fundraising campaign that allows him to accumulate more than $ 25,000. He then launched a first single, « Tu tournes dans ma tête » and his second album, « Histoires vraies ».



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