Musique à Bouches

Musique à Bouches

Celebrating 10 years of friendship and growth, Musique à bouches impresses audiences with its highly refined and dynamic performances.
Firmly established as leaders in a cappella arrangements accompanied by rhythmical foot tapping, the members of Musique à bouches have all been exposed to the world of traditional music from their childhood, be it during evenings of the holiday season or around campfires. These five men know how to showcase the music of our ancestors: Olivier Brousseau and Isaël McIntyre are members of the Trio des Cantons and the ensemble Bal à l’’huile, Jérôme Fortin also a member of the Trio des Cantons launched in 2012 the album Berceuses enchantées, David Belanger plays guitar and composes in his spare time, and Sylvain Trudel left the theater to devote himself to his passion:singing on stage.
The ensemble formed thanks to the Johnville’s Choir and its weekly practices, after which the founding members of the group went out for drinks and continued to sing. Since its inception, the quintet has evolved from classical choral singing to what it is today: a traditional musical tangent accompanied by rhythmical foot tapping provided by Isaël McIntyre.
Motivated by the constant need to improve their singing technique and to find rhythms that drive the songs, theses five musicians are strongly dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional music. Helped by traditional Canadian and European music savants, they delve into the repertoire to uncover parts of our history. Deeply committed to preserving traditional songs in the collective memory, Musique à bouches recorded a live in concert album for its audience in 2009.
Singing a wide repertoire ranging from drinking songs to those of sailors, Musique à bouches has toured extensively throughout Quebec and France for over ten years. Finally the group is releasing it’s first studio album entitled Jusqu’’aux Oreilles. The brotherhood that drives this quintet sends shivers of happiness when their five voices are in perfect harmony. Musique à bouches is committed to redefining traditional music for the 21st century.


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