Electro lounge artist BICHAI presents his third album “Daydream”

Electro lounge artist BICHAI presents his third album “Daydream” 1024 1024 Les Disques Passeport

Daydream is the hot new upcoming release from Montreal’s electronic artist BICHAI.  He returns with a new opus this time about dreams and fantasies. Through titles like Daydream, Magic blue, Happiness Forgets, SkyBar and Until we meet again, BICHAI invites us to take a trip down memory lane, to reminisce about our moments of happiness and plunge within our deepest desires.

Daydream, BICHAI’s brand new album, aims to bring some joy to people as lockdown slowly comes to an end. Everyone wants to experience new things, reinvent themselves and be free; to travel and search for genuine and real happiness.

Daydream, which is scheduled for release on June 19, is thus an invitation to rediscover the true pleasures of life and all that it has to offer. The cover of the album is a beautiful representation: we can see cotton candy in a white frame; it is like looking right at our memories and our dreams deep within our imagination, waiting impatiently to emerge.

BICHAI’s two previous albums, Botafogo and Mimosa Nova, released in 2016 and 2019 respectively, were already a delight. The Montreal composer shows even more his talents as a melodist in Daydream. His unique and catchy musical style that is based on a Trip-Hop / downtempo Electro Lounge style and that bewitches us through its Chill grooves, is also very present once again.