FOATW – New single «Scouting» and vinyl release of Rue-St-Louis

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Montreal, Febuary 12, 2016 | After the much-anticipated fall release of Rue-St-Louis and the success of their Christmas EP First Snow, Friend of All the World has something new for its fans. The group is releasing the single «Scouting» accompanied by a live video from the The Grange Sessions (filmed in the barn where their most recent album was recorded), as well as the vinyl LP version of the record.

«Scouting» showcases FOATW’s evolving electro-organic sound with a piano-driven arrangement that soars on an airy melody, and irrepressible chorus. The release includes the album and a long-play version.

As for the vinyl LP of Rue-St-Louis, copies are available at the band’s online store as well as the following independent record stores in the Montreal area: Aux 33 Tours, Phonopolis, Beatnik Records and 180 Grammes.

FOATW has covered a lot of ground since Cole recorded solo effort Up These Branches under the band name in 2010. Second album The Wild was group-recorded in 2012, a mellow string-driven collection carried by gentle melodies and haunting harmonies. The release and touring of this album met with critical acclaim from music reviewers and audiences alike. Rue-St-Louis, FOATW’s third album, is a coming-of-age, rejecting the sheen of the modern studio album for a more instinctive, no-nonsense approach.


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