Geneviève Racette present her new album, Les aurores boréales

Geneviève Racette present her new album, Les aurores boréales Les Disques Passeport

Geneviève Racette present her new album, Les aurores boréales

Montreal , May 6, 2016 – Leaving a strong impression with the release of her mini-album in 2014, Geneviève Racette is back with Les aurores boréales (Northern Lights). This new album will be on sale May 6th under the Disques Passeport label.

Such as a photograph which documents the ephemeral spectacle of the aurora borealis, Geneviève’s album captures in music, fading emotions and memories. She tells us about the ups and downs of romantic relationships with the songs ” Le feu “, and ” Noir et blanc “. It addresses the dilemmas of the music industry with ” Muette “, explores her troubled relationship with loneliness on ” L’élan “, without forgetting sweet memories with ” Voiture aérienne à hélices.”

“For me, Northern Lights , represents the emotions , memories, ups and downs of relationships. It’s like a story in colour. And the album, that’s exactly it. I tell you my northern lights , “recalls Geneviève Racette .

On Les aurores boréales you will find nine new original compositions, in a comforting folk pop music, with soft tunes carried by a wave of optimism, like a spring that ends up pointing the nose after a hard winter !

To achieve this, Geneviève Racette surrounded herself, by producer  François-Pierre Lue, recognized for his film scoring (Sarah préfère la course, The Grand Seduction) and guitarist Francis G. Veillette (Peter Henry Phillips, Jeffrey Piton). Chloé McNeil  who adds a second layer of smooth voice , while drummers Philippe Fleury and Gregory Fitzgerald punctuate the rich melodies of the young Montreal artist. Add to this the special collaboration of the author Virginie Bilodeau ( Marc Hervieux, Sally Folk) adding her touch the songs “Petit nid” and ” Muette “.

About Geneviève Racette

Graduet of the jazz singing program at Saint-Laurent Cégep, Geneviève Racette is then part of the 2013 alumni of the National School of Song in Granby. Where for a year, she studied singing and composing with known masters (Robert Léger , Marie- Claire Séguin). In May 2014, she launched her mini-album a set of four songs written mostly in Granby. Her two singles “Bricolage” and “Multicolore” quickly find themselves in the top 10 on Sirius XM Franco Radio. Then in spring 2015, saw Genevieve nominated as Sirius XM emerging artist of the year (French). A perfect introduction to the subject for the release of her first full-length album, Les aurores boréales.