Maxime McGraw’s new album – Changer d’air – available now !

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Maxime McGraw’s new album – Changer d’air – will be in stores and on digital platforms as of today

With this new album, Maxime renews with songwriters whom have contributed to the first album (Marc Dupré , Etienne Drapeau)  while bringing in new renowned collaborators such as Corey Hart, Marc Déry , Viviane Audet, Eric Maheu. The second album also features a duet with known singer Marie-Elaine Thibert. Produced by Ian Kelly, this album will boast a new sound for Maxime, as indicated with the first single, released this fall. Changer d’air was welcomed with open arms by both the major adult pop radio networks and regional radio stations. He is about to hit the road for another tour early 2015!