Michèle O unveils L’amour violet

Michèle O unveils L’amour violet Les Disques Passeport

Michèle O unveils L’amour violet

Five new songs available on all digital platforms May 20

Bristling with energy, singer-songwriter Michèle O, is back with – L’amour violet – five new original songs deeply rooted in an alternative rock universe.

To follow up her first album, Assise dans ma tête, the singer-songwriter isolated herself in a cottage with her guitar, her computer and her cat Paul Anthony. Upon her return, new sounds came to life as her catchy songs merged with the alternative rock universe of Vincent Blain (L’Indice), for which he provided arrangements and assumed the role of producer. The collaboration between theses two artists is only natural, since they live under the same roof with the studio two steps away from the living room! Michele O recalls: “It was great because when I had a new song, we crossed into the studio to work arrangements and test our ideas.”

Throughout this completely symbiotic collaboration, new sounds takes shape. The transformation of Michèle O’s musical universe is marked with the introduction of heavy rhythms, percussion, piano and trumpet. She also explored her own interpretation and since provides a more dynamic and vulnerable performance than ever before.

To undertake this shift, Michele surrounded herself by her faithful collaborators Pierre-Louis Lavoie (guitar), Myëlle (cello, vocals) and Vincent Blain (producer, arrangements, multiple instruments). Also, the singer-songwriter did not hesitated to recruit talented artists such as Charles Blondeau (Simon Kingsbury) on the drums, Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier (Bernard Adamus, Cowboys Fringuants) on the trumpet and the piano and Sam Beaulé (Dimitri, Gabriella Hook) on the bass.

Check out these five new original songs with a current indie rock sound from the singer-songwriter native of Val d’Or.