Rob Cole’s new solo project ENTHUSIASTS presents “1”

Rob Cole’s new solo project ENTHUSIASTS presents “1” 1024 1024 Les Disques Passeport

Rob Cole, the artist behind Enthusiasts, moved to London from Montreal in 2018 putting his band of 10 years (Friend of all the World) definitively on hold.

After more than two years out of the music scene, time spent exploring electronic music production in his home studio, the lockdown found him holed up at his ancestral home on the North Kent coast with an acoustic guitar, second-hand Korg MS20, and a few demo recordings; sketches from two years living abroad.

The result is a collection of songs grounded in a time and place: spring, isolation, the wind whipping in off the north-sea for weeks on end, the end of something old and the first tentative steps of something new.