Without knowing how to read or write, Annie Major-Matte already made up poems and songs at the age of 3, reciting it by heart the next day to her mother. The parents here suspected their little girl being different from the others with this talent!

Afterwards, at this early stage of age, starts off an acting career in the world of advertising, documentaries films and TV shows. (The Club of 100 Watts, Les Filles de Caleb, Marguerite Volant)

But more or less secretly, behind playing characters, Annie Major-Matte’ s true passion is to tell her own stories through her song writing which she never stopped to do.

At the age of 12, she was offered to be the voice on a record for children
‘’Les Petits Noel’’. At 20 years old, she becomes a back vocal singer with the hip-hop LMDS training group in which was evolving then K-Maro! This adventure has enabled her to perform on Quebec multiple stages and also to demonstrate her talent on the stages in France.

No need to confirm furthermore that she already knew it all along – that she would be devoting her life career as singer-songwriter. In 2003, comes out her his first solo album: ” Dissidence ”. The first extract from this album : ” Feu de paille ” moved to the top charts for twenty weeks, followed on radio by her 2 top success: “La Guerre ” and ” Ma Folie Douce Amère”.

In recent years, Annie Major-Matte was in high demand both as an official voice on radio as back vocal on various projects, including ” Talk To Me’’ on the album of Kevin Bazinet (winner of La Voix in 2015).

She took advantage of this moment away from under the spotlights to mature in silence working on a brand new project. She ventures off the beaten track and comes up with an English album being the Artistic Director and Co-producer of the songs with the help of the renowned Montrealer guitarist Kevin Jardine (Slaves on Dope).

Supported by the company Disques Passeport – Annie Major-Matte now presents her new face: EDNA. A unique sound, pedal to the floor, which boosts an emergency to live! Up to you now to discover!!


EDNA presents “Major Matte Black”
150 150 Les Disques Passeport

Major Matte Black is EDNA’s first album, the stunning new alt-rock project by Annie Major-Matte. After several years away from the spotlight, the singer-songwriter returns…

EDNA unveils “Scream”
150 150 Les Disques Passeport

New, definitely alternative-rock undertaking, a long time in the making in the effervescent brain of lyricist-composer and performer Annie Major-Matte, EDNA is finally unveiling Scream,…