EDNA unveils “Scream”

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New, definitely alternative-rock undertaking, a long time in the making in the effervescent brain of lyricist-composer and performer Annie Major-Matte, EDNA is finally unveiling Scream, the first track on the album Major Matte Black.

Scream is a veritable hymn to freedom, a deliverance, a huge cry from the heart, a punch in the air, carried by Annie Major-Matte’s powerful voice and supported by an explosive mix of guitars, percussion and synthesizers.

The result of many years of writing and collaboration with musician and programmer Samuel Charrois, EDNA’s songs started out hinting at electro pop sounds. Imagining herself interpreting them on stage, Annie was looking for a different sound and invited the well-known Montreal guitarist Kevin Jardine (Slaves on Dope) to co-produce the album and give the project just a touch more rock. With the collaboration of Ben Shatskoff (GrimSkunk) on drums, they recorded about thirty songs in all. Ten of these were selected for Major Matte Black, EDNA’s first album.

“I deal with all kinds of subjectshomophobia, diversity, politics, love, spirituality, social networks… I have things to say and I found that this music allowed me to do it easily with all the attitude I’m known for. After 15 years away from the stage lights, but still in a performance environment, in particular composing jingles of all kinds, writing lyrics for various albums and music scores for others, I decided to return to the surface and reveal what I really feel deep in my heart”.  

EDNA represents the immediacy of being alive, telling a story, performing. This is about the compelling urge to play rock, on stage, and to be free. Scream!!!!

Scream  will be available on digital platforms on March 24th !

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